I wanted to introduce A Hand to Help’s team. I’m very thankful to you, our clients and the support you have given, and it’s only because of your support I’m expanding the team.  Our new team members are also members of my supportive family. So here we are, and excited to introduce the people (and cat) behind A Hand to Help, who’s focus continues to be serving you.


Meet Veronica, The Professional Organiser:

What’s the best part of your role?
Seeing my clients smile and their shoulders relax after an organising session is probably the best part of my role?

What are some of the misconceptions about your work as a professional organiser?
There are many misconceptions about what Professional Organisers do. For me there are two that stand out.
One is: ‘If I buy organising products I’ll be organised’. It is important that if you do or have bought organising products, they are part of a simple and functional system in the home for belongings. Organising and storage products on their own don’t make us organised.
The second is: ‘clutter is hoarding’. Hoarding Disorder is a diagnosable psychological condition. Clutter on the other hand, can happen for many reasons. Such as being too busy to put things away, health, and changing family dynamics.

Veronica Kennedy | A Hand to Help

Meet Philip, CEO, Chief Encouragement Officer:

What things are always on your desk?
My diary, my to-do list, water, a pile of papers to be sorted and books to be read.

What makes you feel good about your role at A Hand to Help?
Watching A Hand to Help grow as a business is one of my favourite parts of the role. I love watching my wife Veronica flourish in business, doing what she loves to do.

What is one thing you look forward to on the weekend?
On the weekend I enjoy slowing down and having leisurely midday coffee with a little bit of chocolate.

If you were a superhero and had the choice of either being able to fly or be invisible, what would you choose?
I would choose the ability to fly because it would be fun and I’d have a great view of the world!

Meet Kate, The Professional Organiser:

What is one unexpected thing you’ve learnt in your role as a Professional Organiser?
In my role as a Professional Organiser, I did not expect to love learning so much from my clients and their lives as I do. They are amazing people with amazing stories to tell.

A Hand to Help | Kate

Meet Morris, A Hand to Help’s Welfare Officer:

What’s the best part of your job as Welfare Officer at A Hand to Help? Reminding the staff that their welfare is all about looking after me and giving me attention.

What’s your worst habit that drives everyone around you bonkers?
My meowing at 4pm for more food and my incessant ‘talking’.

What’s the best part of your working day?
Sleeping in the sun on the office chair by the window.

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