I recently watched the channel 9 serious Eat Well. For Less?. I couldn’t help but watch it through the eyes of a Professional Organiser.

Food. It takes up a huge amount of our time. Shopping, preparing, cooking, eating and cleaning-up afterwards. Even buying takeaway consumes time. Choices have to be made and ordered and if it’s not delivered, you have to pick it up. Recently, I purchased takeaway thinking it would be quicker. I was wrong! It was convenient for the situation, but I could have had a simple meal on the table in the same amount of time.

So, here are my three simple organising tips I use to stay on top of the food bill. 
  • Always shop with a list.

    Without a list more will always be purchased! Your list may be on your phone using an app, written on a piece of paper or even a photo of a chalkboard list. Whatever you choose, it needs to suit you and your family.
    In my family, we use a piece of paper on the fridge. When someone finishes a product they write it on the list. If it’s not on the list, it’s not purchased and needs to be written on the list for the next shop.

  • Write a meal plan.

    This is a controversial topic. While a meal plan is not everyone’s “cup of tea”, it will help reduce your trips to the shops and save you money. For many years I didn’t write one, but as I’ve became busier, it has saved my brain from having to think every night about what to cook.
    Do your meal plan close to the day you shop. That way, if there are items you need to purchase; it can be done with your regular shop.
    Keep meal plans simple! Eggs on spinach or toast works after a busy day.

  • Have an organised pantry

    An organised pantry will allow you to see what you have. If you can’t see it, you won’t use it. Buying items you already have clutters your space and wastes your precious money.

Being organised in a way that suits you will save you money, time and effort.
I’m looking forward to watching more episodes of Eat Well. For Less?
Happy cooking! Oh, and the bit I love most of all……… Happy eating!

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