When you open your wardrobe do you see the clothes you need to stay warm this autumn or winter? Would it help you to find them easier?

Just as the season is changing, you too may need to change your wardrobe so you can quickly find and quickly put away what you need for winter.

Ditch the, “I have nothing to wear!” feeling this winter because the A Hand to Help team are here for you with our handy tips:

Let’s break your seasonal wardrobe change down into 3 steps.

Bring your warmer clothes to the front.

Being able to easily see your winter clothes will help you quickly get ready for the day.

Only keep the winter clothes that feel good on you and make you feel fantastic.

It’s been 6 months since some of these clothes have been worn. Let go of the clothes you don’t like or don’t fit you. By keeping the clothes that fit you and you like, you’ll feel good about getting dressed.

If there are clothes that you don’t want to wear but you can’t part with them, put them at the back or top of your wardrobe so you can’t see them.

Have a trusted friend help you

Enlisting help from a friend is a fun way to achieve your wardrobe change with support. You may like to help each other out with wardrobe changes and swap a few clothes in the process.

If you are looking for further help, the A Hand to Help team can work alongside you to create you a calming, functional and ready to wear winter wardrobe.

Have fun making your seasonal wardrobe change this autumn!

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