Digital clutter is your “pile” unseen. If it can’t be seen, do you need to give it any consideration? Is it even affecting your life?
Yes and yes!
With lives so connected to digital devices and digital applications, it is crucial digital spaces are de-cluttered. This is extremely important for two reasons: liability and productivity.

  1. Liability

We often don’t think of liability being connected to regular day to day activities like online shopping or accessing email. Out-of-date, unused digital information leaves you at risk. Risk if devices are stolen and / or hacked. Unused accounts of emails, applications and online stores might also leave you more exposed to company data breaches.

Clean digital clutter by deleting unused accounts. Let’s not forget the digital clutter of old CD’s, USB’s and external hard drives you no longer need or use.

  1. Productivity

Just like your physical clutter, digital clutter will impact your daily life.

Devices will work faster when fewer files are stored on them. Who doesn’t want instant access! It will be easier to find what you need if you are only storing the essentials.

Remove digital clutter by removing all unwanted files. If files need to be kept but are no longer used, store them offline. Do this in two places: in the cloud and on an external hard drive and then delete them off your device. This way you have access without the digital “bulk” on your device.

The ultimate way to remove digital clutter is to unplug. I just heard you gasp. I know, it’s a shocking thought. It sounds very old fashioned of me, but I’ve discovered that short periods of disconnection allow me to be more productive when I re-connect again.

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