Life doesn’t always go to plan and even a Professional Organiser can be in a state of being disorganised.

After discovering our fridge had been leaking for quite some time, most of our kitchen floor and half the kitchen needed to be demolished and replaced.

Hello I’m Helen, and this is my kitchen story of moving from disorganised to organised. Six months of living in a chaotic and dysfunctional kitchen was challenging for me.

During this time our new fridge was in the lounge room and the kitchen dishes lived in the study. We clocked up a lot of steps walking from one room to another to prepare a simple snack. There was no ergonomic kitchen triangle working here!

With my strong belief that everything happens for a reason, I looked on the bright side and seized this opportunity to reorganise and declutter the kitchen cupboards. 

Two points stood out to me from the disorganised kitchen process:

  • I found a lot of items had been gifted to me. I felt a sense of having responsibility to hold onto these gifts although I hadn’t used them or was not going to use them. You can read more about the power of a gift here.
  • I realised donating the unwanted items to someone who needed them was a positive choice. This thought changed my perception. I was helping others, perhaps not as fortunate as myself, and this enabled me to let go of the items and feel good about doing so.

Now my kitchen is back to being used and it’s been organised, I love all the extra space! I can now find what I want so much more easily.

My utensil draw is now super organised and I want to sing every time I open it!

What started as a negative, living in a chaotic and dysfunctional kitchen, has ended with such a positive and empowering experience. 

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