Christmas is coming and we want to share with you a free Christmas gift idea. There are many strains on budgets and home incomes which makes Christmas a financially challenging time.

One gift that is undervalued is the gift of a story. A story makes a beautiful free Christmas gift that is powerful and personal.

  • Spoken, audio or video recording.
    Stories don’t have to be written. In fact, writing might be a stumbling block in telling a story. You can share a story in person if your gift recipient is within physical distance. If face-to-face story telling or distance is a barrier, record an audio or video story.  These come with the added benefit of longevity and the ability to replay.
  • Write or draw your message.
    A written story is a beautiful free Christmas gift to give. It harks back to slower times when stories and life were shared in letters. All ages can be involved in a written story. Drawing a picture or pictures is a fabulous way for younger children to personally share a story.
  • Give the story with a possession.
    This is a great way to pass on possessions to friends and family with the power of the story. The item may be small with no monetary value. That’s ok because the value in this free Christmas gift is the story and the sharing of the story.   

Christmas gifts don’t have to cost a large amount of money. A story is a free gift that speaks from the heart. It connects the past, present, and future in a beautiful and meaningful way. So, embrace a free Christmas gift and give the gift of a story.

Happy memory sharing and making!

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