After such a difficult year, giving the gift of time this Christmas is special. Thinking of friends and family and being with them over the Christmas season brings a smile to my face.

If spending money on gifts is not be an option for you now, then do-it-yourself gifts are the ideal solution. I love do-it-yourself (DIY) gifts at any time of the year but especially at Christmas. DIY gifts are a gift of love, thought and the gift of time.

My top 3 Christmas DIY gift ideas would be:

Pass on something with history and a story.

This is a great present for a family member or close friend. It could be something ornamental, a book, clothing, or a piece of jewelry.

This gift is all about sharing the story and passing on the history. It doesn’t have to be of value. It may even have no monetary value. It’s the story and the sharing of that story that’s important.

Give something you have grown.

The gift of a plant you have grown is a gift of nurture and patience.
This might be a cutting from your garden or something you have grown from seed. A herb or lettuce pot. A bouquet of herbs for cooking, to seep for drinking or pop in a vase.

A picture tells a thousand words.

So many emotions and memories are evoked by a photo. Give the gift of a picture. You may want to share the memory in writing or maybe it is one of those photos that just say it all to the receiver.   

Do-it-yourself gifts are all about the time given to the making and the stories told. They are not about the cost or the size. So, lets share and tell those stories with a DIY gift from the heart.

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