At A Hand to Help we love meaningful gifts that make a difference. Christmas gifts or gifts at any time of the year. Gifts that fill a need and change a life are the ultimate! But how do you do this within a personal budget? It’s easy with GIVIT

GIVIT was born in 2019 and is a fabulous way to give directly for what is needed on the ground. This smart way to give works like this:

You choose where you want to give:

You choose how you would like to give:

  • Donate a specific item that is needed. Giving the right help at the right time means our donations do no harm. They don’t overwhelm charities and communities on the ground… especially in times of disaster.
  • Donate time
  • Donate funds. GIVIT spend 100% of money received on what is needed by communities and individuals. They ‘buy locally’ so businesses closer to the need benefit from your donations too. Often, these are rural or regional businesses.

A GIVIT gift really is the gift that keeps on giving. They are gifts that make a difference.

There are more clutter free Christmas gift ideas here.
May your Christmas and upcoming new year be filled with special memories and some rest. Take care from the A Hand to Help team.

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