What is “how to stop Groundhog Day Organising” you ask?

It is A Hand to Help’s take on the movie “Groundhog Day” where every morning is the same.

Groundhog Day Organising is when you start organising an area and start again and start again… The starting process doesn’t seem to progress to the staying part. Or you have tried organising and it didn’t work so you try organising again and that didn’t work, and you try for the 3rd time and……it didn’t work again.

Do you ever get that Groundhog Day feeling with organising? If this sounds familiar, you know exactly what I am talking about.

It is frustrating, erodes your self-esteem and does not build organising confidence.

There are several reasons why this happens.

  • Mainstream organising does not work for everyone

Mainstream organising doesn’t take into account the differences of our amazing human brain. We all think and do tasks differently. It certainly doesn’t cater for our neurodiverse community.

  • Unrealistic expectations

Often, we start an organising project with an end picture in our mind that is unachievable. Or we start an organising project that is too big for the time we have to do it.

  • Micro organising

Micro organising is a complicated way to organise. It takes a lot of brain power, time and space. If organising is too complicated it will not continue.

Understanding why organising has not worked in the past is important. But not as important as how to make it work now. There are simple changes you can make to help your organising stick and break through the Groundhog Day barrier.

How to stop Groundhog Day Organising

  • Be realistic

Be realistic about how much time, energy and brain power you have to give to organising. And more importantly, how much time, energy and brain power you have to stay organised. If you stay organised you’ve broken the Groundhog Day cycle. 

  • Take the pressure off

Your organising does not have to look beautiful and be internet worthy. It must work for your needs. Organise for your needs and not the latest organising trend.

  • Do not make it complicated

Keep your organising system simple. Do not have more than one cupboard or drawer to open to put belongings away. If you have too many things to open or too many belongings to move, they will not be put away because it’s too hard.
Set your system up where, or close to where, you use the items. Do not expect yourself or other people in the home to put items away a long distance from where they are being used. It simply will not happen!

So, lets break Groundhog Day with some simple steps for you be and stay organised.

Happy organising!
Contact us if you would like to chat about simple, easy to use organising systems. We would love to hear from you.

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