Habit stacking is an easy way to stay organised. It is a powerful strategy that can help you stay on track and manage your daily tasks.

This is your simple guide to habit stacking and staying organise.

What is Habit Stacking?

Habit stacking allows you to piggyback a new habit onto an existing one. It allows you to add smaller new habits to activities you already regularly do.

  • Morning Routine
    If your morning routine includes making coffee, use this as an opportunity to stack a new habit. Consider activities such as reviewing your diary, taking medication, planning a meal for the evening, or folding clothes from the previous wash.
  • Commute Time
    If you have a daily commute, you might use this time to stack a habit. This could include quiet meditation, engaging in a mindful activity, pursuing a small craft, or catching up on personal admin like responding to texts and messages.
  • Before Bed
    Before heading to bed, integrate habits like packing the dishwasher, preparing lunch for the next day, dimming the lights in your home, and indulging in some bedtime reading.
  • Identify your core habits
    Begin by identifying the core, regular habits that form the foundation of your daily routine. These core anchor points could include waking up, brushing your teeth, meals, or commuting to work.
  • Define your new habits
    Pinpoint the new habits you wish to incorporate, whether they are organizational tasks, well-being activities, or personal admin. This could range from checking your to-do list to engaging in exercise, relaxation, or handling emails and bills.
  • Consistency
    Aligning new habits with established routines creates a flow that encourages consistency, a vital element for forming lasting habits and maintaining organization.
  • Momentum
    Habit stacking generates momentum, relieving mental fatigue. Reduced mental fatigue is a significant step towards staying organized and focused.
  • Achievement
    With sustained momentum and consistency, you’ll find yourself achieving your organizational tasks and staying on track!

Habit stacking is a game-changer for anyone aiming to stay organised. By seamlessly integrating small, positive habits into your existing routines, you pave the way for an achievable daily schedule. As momentum builds, staying organised becomes a natural and sustainable part of your lifestyle.

Start stacking your habit stacking today – it’s the key to staying organised and freeing up time for yourself!

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