Helping children organise their treasures and keepsakes is a valuable life skill for them to learn. Children love to collect! And many items are special to them and cherished.
As children go through the stages of life and grow, what they choose to keep will change.

Let’s explore children’s keepsakes and the supportive roll we play as parents, caregivers and family in helping them.

We are not going to cover parents’ special memories and keepsakes in this blog. Only to say, honouring and preserving your special treasures and keepsakes is sperate to the children’s. You have choice over what you’d like to keep in your box and the children have choice over what they keep in theirs.

Why are treasure and keepsake boxes important for children?

Learning and practicing Organisation Skills
Managing a treasure box is a fabulous way to encourages organisation skills. This is a skill that is learnt by doing. They will learn to sort, categorise and label all while preserving their special memories.

They learn about Boundaries
A treasure box has limited space which teaches children about boundaries. It helps them prioritise what’s important to them at a particular time in their lives. What a child chooses to keep when they are 5 will be different when they are 10 and different again when they are 19.  

They learn decision making skills
Children develop and practice decision-making skills with their keepsake boxes. Decisions are being practiced by determining which items to keep and which to let go, This is a powerful life skill!

Nurture Responsibility
Through their own treasure and keepsake boxes, children learn responsibility. They decide what’s precious and what’s not precious to them. This teaches them the value of their choices. Having choice, control and giving them responsibility over their keepsakes boosts self-esteem.

The process of organising treasures and keepsakes is far greater than just organising. By teaching children how to organise their keepsakes purposefully, you are building indispensable life skills and treasuring memories.

Encouraging organising Independance in children has more information on supporting children learn organising skills. Take care.

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