We want to share with you the power of a body double and how it can help you organise.

While working with Danielle recently she said “What is it about you? I can’t do it without you!”  I joked “It’s the apron,” but we both knew my apron was not a magical cape.

Danielle was experiencing the power of a body double. But not the type of body double you see in a stunt at the movies.

What is a body double?

It is someone who is with you while you do a task. They may be doing the task with you; they may be working on another task next to you or they might be “just there”. Your body double keeps you on task to make progress and helps you stay focused and motivated. A body double acts as an anchor and it is this anchoring and focus that enables progress.

The trick with body doubling is to have the right person help with the task. Someone who will not judge or suggest what “should” be done and who is able to stay focused themselves without necessarily being physically involved. This person may be a trusted friend, family member or a professional.

Using a body double who can help you stay focused and on track with your task is a powerful organising strategy.

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