I want to share with you how to organise when you don’t feel like it. We all have those day when “I’m not up to it today” happens.

I really understand the “I don’t feel like doing it” mood. I’ve been putting off writing my monthly blog because of it. A difficult week and a headache are good reasons not to do it, right? These might be good reasons, but they are not going to help me have a blog ready in time for you each month.

Not having time, the physical or emotional energy to organise is an obstacle. Yet, there are a few things you can do to help.

Here are three steps to help you organise when you don’t feel like doing it.

 Be Realistic

Be realistic about how much physical, emotional and mental energy you have.
Be realistic about how much time you have.
Organising doesn’t have to be done in a big spectacular style as show on TV sometimes. In fact, it’s better if it’s done in a small and regular spurts. Being realistic allows you to break down the task to a size you can manage.

Schedule it

Make an appointment with yourself. Once it’s written in the diary, planner or calendar it is an important appointment. It’s just as important as a coffee with a friend.

Enlist help

In fact by asking a friend to help, you combine hanging out with a supportive friend and a coffee. Win win! Enlisting help has two benefits. It makes you schedule a time and you have an extra pair of hands from a supportive person. If a friend can’t be there in person with you maybe they can be there via phone, video call or face-time to help you start.

Taking the first step to start is always the hardest.  Applying these three steps will help you to continue organising when you don’t feel 100%.  

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