How do we recycle at home when there are so many items to recycle and keep out of landfill? The reality is, we can’t recycle every single possibility.

A streamlined, easy-to-manage recycling system at home means you can stay on top of the recycling, which is great for your home and the environment.

Let us walk you through the steps to recycle at home and alleviate stress.

Start by deciding what items you’ll recycle. This will be based on your available space in the home and local recycling drop off points.
Common categories include:

  • Council Recycling and FOGO (Food Organics and Garden Organics)
  • Op-Shop Donations
  • Blister Packs at the Pharmacy
  • Clothing Donations
  • Battery Disposal
  • E-waste
  • Bottle, cans and plastic recycling

Due to restraints of time, space and drop off options, we can’t recycle everything. Begin with two categories. This keeps it manageable. Add a category at a time as you become comfortable with saving the recycling and then dropping off at local collection points.

Once you have decided on your 2 recycling categories. Then it’s time to set up your system in the home.
Here are your steps to create your easy-to-use recycling system at home:

  • Designate a Home “Drop-Off” centre:
    This is where you choose where you put the recycling in your home before it goes to the recycling bins or community collection/donation points. It needs to be a simple drop system and easy to access in an accessible location.
  • Choose Suitable Containers:
    You don’t need to spend money for containers. Look at home to see what containers you have available. Sometimes the best container is a cardboard box. Label containers for each recycling category. This makes it easy for everyone in the home to follow the recycling system and use it. Now you place the containers in your Home Drop-Off centre.  
  • Maintain a Regular Schedule:
    Staying on top of your Home Drop-Off centre is an important part of keeping it maintained and stopping the spread of the categories.
  • Schedule Time for Drop-offs:
    Schedule your drop-off recycling into your regular household chores and diary. You don’t need to do it all on your own neither. Have a family member or friend help you with it.
  • Set Reminders:
    Setting digital reminders to action the recycling can help. Set a time in your diary too.
  • Plan Routes:
    Combining recycling trips with other errands saves time and fewer trips. Something worth considering with the cost of petrol.

Remember you may not be able to recycle everything, and that’s okay. Focus on what you can do. Your ethical disposal system needs to be manageable.  An easy-to-use system reduces stress, reduces landfill waste and also contributes positively to the environment.

At A Hand to Help, we believe that an organised home leads to a more stress-free life. If you need help setting up your recycling system or organising your space, reach out to us.

Together, we can make your home more functional, comfortable, and eco-friendly.

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