Recently I was feeling a little low over a weekend after a very busy week.

I didn’t feel like doing anything! No washing, no cooking and definitely no cleaning. I wanted to hibernate under the covers with my book.

This got me thinking. How do we stay organised during those low energy times of life?

Here are some ideas:
  • Have realistic expectations.
    Take the pressure off yourself. Focus on what can be achieved with the energy you have. Not everything needs to be done or finished. One of my favourite questions to relieve pressure is “Does this need to be done?” Quite often my answer is “No”.
  • What is your non-negotiable?
    There are some things that just have to be done. E.g. go to work, eat, rest and sleep. Non-negotiables will look different for each person. Decide what yours are and do them first.
  • Break large tasks down.
    When we have low energy, large tasks are overwhelming. Does the task need to be completed today or just a portion of it?
  • Ask for help.
    When something just needs to be done and can’t be postponed, ask for help or delegate it to others.

Being human will come with highs and lows. The highs are usually enjoyable and fun, but the lows can be a struggle to manage.
When setting up your organising systems, remember to keep them simple. That way they will support you during your low energy times of life.

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