I’m to write a blog this week but I don’t have time!

As a Professional Organiser I often hear “I don’t have time.”
When I hear this, I’ll share information about making a time in the diary to make organising happen. If we wait for the right time, organising probably won’t happen because the time isn’t always convenient.

This is what I’ve done wrong. I’ve waited till I felt like writing a blog. As someone who struggles to write, the feeling to write a blog is never going to happen!! 😊

I didn’t make an appointment in my diary to write this month’s blog. I’ve allowed time to “got away.”  Really, I’ve spent my time on other business activities that I enjoy more. But it hasn’t magically made this month’s blog appear.  

It was time for me to bite the bullet and do something that is hard, write!

And put time in my diary to write next month’s blog.
I don’t have any less time than any other human being and my time is no more important than another’s. But if I need something to be done, I need to put it in the diary and have designated time to make it happen. The same is for organising.

So, the next time you say “I don’t have time” stop, go easy on yourself, and have a look in your diary to make it happen.

Till next time, happy organising.

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