It’s ok to ask for help. I experienced this recently when I was generously given shelves for my garage. I had an idea where I wanted them and was excited about how they would help me keep A Hand to Help items together, but that’s where my enthusiasm stopped.
It was too hard! I needed to edit, move and rearrange the garage to make it work. I struggled to do it myself. So, I asked for help. My dad was coming to stay in a months’ time and I arranged for him to help me out.
Together, it took us a couple of hours, but by myself it would have taken much longer and I wouldn’t have achieved the same end result.

It made me stop and question two things; why I was reluctant to ask for help and, why did asking for help work so well?

Why I was reluctant to ask for help?

  • I should be able to do it myself. I had a clear idea. It was realistic and manageable. I should be able to do it.
  • I’m an organiser. Helping people do this is what I do!
  • I might be judged and not listened to. Depending on who I asked to help, I might be judged and talked into a finished system I wouldn’t be happy with.

Asking for help required me to put my fears aside. After achieving such a great result, I’m so pleased I did.

So, why did asking for help work so well?

  • Find the right person. Having the right person to help was an important factor. I needed someone who could physically help, who was willing to share ideas, yet who remained non-judgemental and mindful of the family’s needs as well as my own. It sounds like a big ask, but basically, I needed someone with whom I got along and could openly communicate with. This may be a family member, friend or professional you hire.
  • It was fun. It was fun working alongside someone. Having support and doing it together meant the pleasure of accomplishment was shared.
  • Dedicated time. Asking someone to help made me put time in the diary and dedicate a slice of the day to the job. It made me accountable to achieve the goal and I’m so pleased I did.

This particular experience made me stop and think of my clients. The apprehension and feelings I experienced are similar to how my clients may feel. I’m so pleased I worked through the process because it was fun to work with someone, bounce ideas around and reach my goal.

The shelves are working brilliantly, but the change in routine has caused me a little hiccup. But that’s another story for another blog 😊

So, lets embrace asking for help. We don’t have to do it on our own. Find your right hand, or left hand, helper and achieve your goal.

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