Congratulations you have made it through another year, another Christmas and reached another January reset.

Hello, I’m Kate, a Professional Organiser and declutter expert at A Hand to Help.
I don’t know what life looks like for you in January, but for me I see my husband return to work after a few weeks off, we unpack after our summer camping trip, the children have a few weeks of school holidays left, it’s hot and there is generally Christmas gifts laying around. And often I feel a little overwhelmed!

I have realised that a January reset or taking some time to get myself sorted is just the thing. It helps me re-adjust to the new year.

My January reset steps:

  • Children’s Christmas presents:

I start with the Christmas presents that have taken up residence on my floor.
They have not been given a dedicated home. Until they are homed, they are adding to household clutter.

I take the time to go through the toy tubs and do some decluttering – packing up the broken toys or toys missing pieces (these toys can now be recycled at most Big W stores). Involving the children so they learn organising skills is important too, so I ask them what toys they would like to donate. Toys they no longer use or have outgrown. This makes space for the shiny new toys and teaches them we only have a set amount of space for toys.

  • Adult Christmas presents:

The editing of existing belongings before we put new gifts away is also a great process for adults. Taking the time now will save you over filled cupboards and draws later.

If you’ve received beauty products, go through your beauty products or toiletries and remove out of date items. Or that hand cream you were given last Christmas that’s still unopened, (yes, we all have something).
If we make space for the gifts now, it will save us from chaos in the future.

  • New Schedule:

For me, January also sees the implementation of a new schedule for the year ahead. Activities have changed and it takes me some time to get my head around who is doing what activity, when. I feel like I am on a merry-go-round for a few weeks until my new schedule sinks in.

To help me, I have a whiteboard with the days of the week. Each child is assigned a colour. Their activity and time are written on the day. This has allowed me to easily see each day at a quick glance. I know what’s happening or who needs to take which child where.

There are many areas of life and home that can do with a good reset at that start of the year, whether it be your pantry, removing out-of-date food or things that you longer desire to consume. Your wardrobe, filing systems, bathroom and laundry cupboards.

This January reset does come with a warning. Please be realistic and only take on what you can manage with the time frames you have available. Start with the area that will give you the biggest impact.

Here at A Hand to Help, we can also help you with your January reset. Or a reset at any time of the year. We understand it can be overwhelming and hard to know where to start, so please reach out and contact us if you need a hand to help.

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