When downsizing and decluttering there is understandably a concerned about the destination of cherished belongings. At A Hand to Help, we are deeply committed to the principle that valuable possessions should not be consigned to waste. Our priority is to diligently seek new homes for these items, ensuring they continue to be used and appreciated, before exploring alternative disposal options, aligning with our commitment to fostering a more sustainable future.

Susan (we have changed our client’s name for privacy reasons) needed to clear a parent’s home who was interstate and A Hand to Help was called to help because Susan just didn’t know where to start.

We arranged for many items to be donated. This kept them out of landfill, gave them a second life and helped those they were given to.

Local Men’s Sheds love to be contacted about donations. Each men’s shed is different so call first to see if they are interested in your donations. Susan’s local men’s shed was happy to take donations of old hand tools and a mixture of bolts, nails, timber and general shed items. Find a local men’s shed.

When donating to an Op shop make sure it is good quality and sellable. Op shops can only sell what customers are willing to buy. This often means they won’t take older style furniture even if it is good quality because there is no demand for it and they can’t sell it.
If you have a specialised donation, speak with the op shop first. This could prevent an unnecessary trip. Susan had books to rehome. We were very lucky that the local op shop specialised in books and were happy to receive our donations.

Small donations of metal can be delivered to your local recyclers. If you have a large amount of recycling call to enquire if they will pick up. We arranged an onsite metal collection for a fee, but it was cheaper than landfill and was going to be recycled rather than consigned to waste.

Community charities often collect furniture and whitegoods for families in need. This involves emailing them pictures to see if it is something their clients will want and use.  By coordinating with one such charity, we helped Susan’s larger items—like the fridge and washing machine—find new homes where they were greatly needed and appreciated. RiseUp is one of those wonderful charities.

Secure shredding is important and can be arranged with bins, onsite shredding for large quantities of paper or attending a community shedding day for small quantities.
Susan’s papers were disposed of securely by arranging onsite shredding.
A fabulous community shredding day in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs is provided by IShred.

Our work with Susan not only alleviated the stress of downsizing but also ensured her parent’s belongings were cherished anew. If you would like more information regarding downsizing please contact us. We love to chat!

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