When I first heard “Less is more” as a child I couldn’t understand the concept. How can having less be more?

Some years ago, I set off travelling with all my favourite belongings in one backpack for a year overseas. All my worldly passions were there on my back. I lived by the rule “if I can’t carry it, I can’t have it”. I returned home with a year of memories and a backpack of very well worn clothes.

I was shocked when I opened my wardrobe to find 13 pairs of high heel shoes. And what shocked me the most, was not once had I wished for one pair of those shoes whilst I was away.

Unknowingly spending the year living the principle of less is more, I learnt 4 things:

  1. Less is more time. Not spending time purchasing, caring for and finding homes for my belongings freed up my time. How much time do we spend on our material possessions?
  2. Less is more money. Spending less money on my possessions freed up finances to be spent on my experience. Can we enjoy our possessions with quality in mind rather than quantity?
  3. Less is more space. This was certainly the case with my backpack. Having less frees up physical space, which leaves us room to move.
  4. Less is more freedom. Having less gave me a sense of freedom. Whenever I help someone de-clutter they always say “I feel so much better and lighter”. This is the freedom of having less.

This freedom allows us to spend more time doing what we like with people we love.

Let’s make memories and enjoy the cycle of less is more.

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