When I tell my friends that my Mum is a Professional Organiser, at first, they are unsure and often confused. I don’t blame them. The job of a ‘Professional Organiser’ is often misunderstood. It is a relatively new industry and didn’t exist as a profession 30 years ago.
I get these questions so often I’ve decided to combine my friends’ most frequently asked questions with my answers to share with you. Simply, because everyone should be in the know of what a Professional Organiser does.

“Um okay…What’s a Professional Organiser?”

A Professional Organiser is someone who works with people in their spaces (usually in their homes or businesses) to create functional systems to organise their belongings. Many Professional Organisers often specialise in different areas. Mum works with diverse people in their homes.

“Oh cool! Does that mean she’s like Marie Kondo?”

Short Answer: No.
Longer Answer: No. Mum is not good at folding origami shirts.

“Wow, that must be so satisfying! Labelling and colour coding someone else’s things!”

That’s not how it works. Each person has an individual system that would work best to keep them organised. Labels and matching colours don’t work for everyone. It may look great on Instagram, but it’s not reality!

“You mean like getting a dumpster and getting people to yeet (forcefully throw) their stuff into it!?”

No. Unlike that, she’s humane.
Organising is not one size fits all. Mum never forces people to throw out their belongings. The amount of times she’s helped me organise my room, not once has she told me to get rid of something!
So now you know my friends’ questions and my answers about Mum. What a Professional Organiser does from someone who isn’t a Professional Organiser.

Thanks Mum, for not making me throw my belongings out!

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