During my adult years I’ve embraced learning. Often asking myself “What’s the learning from this experience?” Especially when something went wrong and didn’t work out as I had expected.

In 2018 I joined the Manningham Business Network because of their ethos of learning. We all need a safe place to ask questions and be supported.
We were encouraged to apply for the Manningham Business Awards because there was so much we could learn. The learning sold it to me and I started the process.

My learnings along the way

  • The journey is always better shared
    I wasn’t left on my own with the application. I was given a mentor who generously walked beside me. Thank you, Eve John, for your time, expertise and encouragement.
  • A fresh set of eyes can help open possibilities
    Growth and learning doesn’t happen in isolation. Eve saw me and A Hand to Help from a new and fresh perspective.
  • Advice and learnings bring change and growth
    By going through the application process I learnt so much. I have used those learnings to change and improve A Hand to Help’s service.
  • Celebrate the small steps
    I learnt what needed to be improved but I also learnt what A Hand to Help does well. Yes, it’s ok to say “I’m really good at that. Great job!”

With the application done, in my mind, the process was over. So, I was very surprised when I was notified that A Hand to Help was a finalist. Wow!

After a final interview with the judges, it was time to attend the Gala Dinner. A fun and special evening was shared by all award finalists. As with all awards, not everyone goes home with the prize.  A Hand to Help didn’t go from finalist to award winner. But that by no way took away the growth that had happened along the way. Life happens one step at a time and with each step we inch closer to what we want to achieve.

I could not have applied for the Manningham Business Awards if A Hand to Help didn’t have clients. To my clients, I want to say thank you. Thank you for asking for help and opening your doors to invite me in.

Thank you for allowing me to journey with you.

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