When it comes to organising one size does not fit all!
The pretty, tidy organised spaces we see on social media cannot and will not work for everyone. And that is okay. Organising will look different because we are all different.
Some people are comfortable with more belongings while others are comfortable with a minimal amount.

The most important thing about organising is knowing where to easily find something. And knowing where to easily put something away.

We are all different. With different and unique needs. So, our organising should reflect these individual needs.
Those needs will be broad: how we think, how we process information, how much space we have, what we want to keep in those spaces, who lives in the home and how many people live in the home. This list is by no means complete and more needs could be easily added. No matter what our personal variables and needs are; there are two organising foundations to be considered.

Two organising foundations

  1. Safety
    No matter what our organising preference and style we must be safe in our homes. This means clear meter wide walkways with no tripping hazards. Front and back doors that fully open. No combustible items near the cook top or stove. No clutter around electrical items or heaters. And most importantly, a working smoke alarm.
  2. Easily finding what you need and easily putting it back
    Some of us will manage with fewer belongings in our homes. While others will be okay with a little more. Whatever our preference, it must be easy! That means not having to move items to access a cupboard or open a door.

It is important that finding items and putting away items does not involve several steps or create a domino effect. If this happens, it becomes too hard and items will be dropped somewhere, not put away.

This can be the start of clutter which has a massive effect on easily finding what we need and easily putting it away.

No two people, homes, spaces and needs are the same. So within our homes, one size does not fit all. Our organising will not look the same as another home.
Embrace it and explore your unique organising style!

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