In a digital era, it may surprise you that paper is still a common problem in many homes. Paper seems to hark back to its tree days and manifests itself as a forest of paper piles in the home.

The key to keeping on top of paper is having a paper action station with a simple system.

I really can’t stress this point enough. Keep your system simple!
A system that is easy to use and maintain will stop the papers from piling up.

When I say easy to use, I’m talking about two steps. Two steps done together will allow you to achieve single handling.

  • Read and recycle, or
  • Diarise and dispose, or
  • Open and file.

Keep it simple and you’ll keep on using it.

Once you have your two step system in place, here are some further simple tips to stay on top of your paper.

Stop: Stop paper before it enters the home.

Go digital with as many bills as you can.
Have a No Junk-mail sign. If junk-mail is delivered, recycle it as soon as it has been read. Have a paper recycling bin within easily access.
Unsubscribe to magazines you no longer read.

Contain: Containing paper stops the spread.

I always encourage paper to be stored vertically. Magazine holders work well for this. Vertical storage takes up less space and papers are easier to find. They won’t be lost on the bottom of a pile.

Action: Paper piles up in the home when action does not occur.

Your action might be; recycle, diarise, shred, temporally file or permanently file and dispose.

Shred: Shed all paper containing personal details.

Your paper shredder should be located close to where the in-coming paper is placed.

How paper flows through your home is very important. Paper easily flows in but setting a system for it to flow through and out your home will give you control over your paper and will stop the paper piles from growing.

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