I wanted to share with you a day of a Professional Organiser at home. I’m Kate, a Professional Organiser at A Hand to Help and I have just finished reorganising my bathroom cupboard due to a cotton tip “disaster”. You know the ones? Cotton tips everywhere!

With my favourite songs on in the background to get me motivated, I got thinking, “if only my clients could see this cupboard right now”.
There were cotton tips flying everywhere! The bases of my little bathroom organising baskets were filthy. And there were old nail polishes that were well past their best and needed to be tossed out.

By no means perfect!

So often, when I go into homes as a Professional Organiser and are working alongside my clients I will hear “Oh, I bet your house is perfect all the time”.

My house is not a display home. It is a home that is lived in with young children who are still learning to put things away. Currently, there is a paper plane obsession and there have been numerous crash landings in every room. Our home is definitely not perfect.

For me as a Professional Organiser, organised does not mean spotlessly clean and tidy.

Do my belongings have homes? Yes they do
Do my spaces have organising systems in place that work for that area and my family? Yes they do
Do my belongings always make it back quickly to their homes? No they don’t

Maintenance is part of the organisation process. I schedule time to do my maintenance. I am a lover of lists, so my maintenance jobs get put on a list of things I need to do that day or week. I am regularly reviewing our spaces to see if they still working well for us. Because our needs change.

So, I guess what I want you to know, is that as a Professional Organiser we are not perfect. And we do not judge the homes or spaces we work in. We are simply there to give you a helping hand.

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