Routine is important during the Coronavirus pandemic because it keeps us grounded and creates structure. This is vital during times of uncertainty, like the Covid-19 situation we now unexpectedly find ourselves in.

With such fast changes to our lives we can feel helpless and out of control, with nothing in our power to make the situation better.

So, is there anything we can control? Most definitely, yes. It’s our routine. In comparison to the global pandemic this may seem something very small, yet routine gives us something we can control in our own lives. Routine puts us in a head space to help alleviate stress and anxiety. A good routine with healthy habits helps us have a better outlook on what’s happening around us.

So, what does a good healthy routine look like?

I say this a lot with organising and it works just as well for routine; keep it simple! During this time of Coronavirus, a simple routine is best.

  • Keep a regular sleep routine
  • Eat at regular times of the day
  • Exercise. Go for a walk (while you can) or use an app for yoga, cardio or strength exercises.
  • Have daily contact with a friend or family member. You may do this by phone or by video.

Keeping a simple daily routine will help us feel secure and give us some feeling of control. Practicing our new routine builds confidence and over time we may feel like branching out to something new.

Go easy on yourself. Take some time to get used to your new normal. Most of all, stay safe and well. Take care.

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