Shopping at home will save you money, time and helps the environment. We have experienced this twice recently. We needed a new light bulb. It was one that doesn’t get changed often so we assumed we’d need to buy one. Before heading to the shops we looked at the light bulb box and surprise, surprise, there was one! The second in a packet of two. The second time it happened, we needed a wall plug. Before heading to the hardware store, we opened the container with plugs and screws and there was what we needed!

How often have we gone to the shops and bought something, only to find the same item at home (or something similar) later. This could have easily happened to us with the light bulb and wall plug. That 1 easy step of looking where items are stored before heading to the shops saved us money and time.

Top tips for shopping at home are:

Have designated spaces to keep your belongings.

If shopping in person or online, there are designated areas for items. This way you know where to go and purchase what you need. They have made the shopping experience easy for you.
To easily shop at home, make your retrieving experience easy. Have a designated space for your belongings.

Before you head to the shops, stop and ask yourself:

Do I already have it or something similar I can use? Do I really need it?
By taking a moment to question and think, you may save yourself a trip.
It’s amazing what we can use, reuse or repurpose if we have the time to take a moment to question and think.

By implementing designated homes for items at home and taking the time to question your rush for the shops, shopping at home will save you time and money. It’s also has a fabulous benefit for our environment.

If you’re stuck and don’t know where to start with implementing designated homes, we’ve got you covered. Visit A Hand to Help’s free resource page for “Help I’m stuck!” and “I don’t know where to start”.

Take care and happy shopping at home!

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