As a Professional Organiser, I walk through many home entrances and shoe storage is a common problem I encounter.

 I consider the entrance to be the launching and landing pad of the home. It’s a very busy, small and critical space where a lot happens. You stop there to check if keys, bags and the items you need for the day are in hand and ready to go.

On your return, you land at the door struggling with bags. The keys are dropped somewhere, shoes and coats are taken off, and the bags? They are deposited either by the door, kitchen or somewhere in between.

Here are 3 storage solutions to help you contain shoes at your launching and landing pad. I believe the best solutions are the easiest and simplest to use.

  1. Transition zone
    The entrance is only a transition zone to take items off and then place them in their regular home. Storage here is only for regularly worn shoes, coats and bags. At your entrance only keep 1 or 2 pairs shoes. (A change in season is the perfect time to swap shoes to suit the weather conditions.) This stops the entrance from overflowing and becoming cluttered.
  1. Contain the spread
    Containing shoes stops their spread. This can be done by using a tub, shoe rack or a tray. If you like to have visual contact with your shoes (by doing this you know what you have) a shoe rack, shallow container, tray or a clear plastic tub will work. You may prefer to conceal the shoes from sight. Your storage choices are vast, including cane, timber, fabric and plastic tubs.
  1. Vertical Space
    Use your vertical space to the max! Entrances are usually small so going vertical gives you room for storage and keeps the floor clear.

Your overall look for the entrance might be as simple as a “no frills” book case,










Or even a custom made solution for the perfect fit.










Whatever result you choose, there is no right or wrong. Make a launching and landing pad that works for your needs. Knowing where your items are saves time and effort. That way you will be ready for take-off and relieved to land.

I love finding solutions and as a Professional Organiser I put solutions in place to improve the entrance’s function.

If you are frustrated by your entrance, Call me. I’d love to understand your situation and help you with a solution.

I wish you happy taking offs and safe landings.

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