We are taking more photos now than ever in history, yet we are looking at them less.

Since 1827 when the first photo was taken, photography has grown in popularity. Technology has improved and cost has decreased dramatically. And now, with the use of smart phones, Business Insider estimated we took 1.2 billion photos globally, with 85% of them being on smart phones. Wow!

The greatest thing about a photo is it captures a point in time. Each point in time has a memory and story and I believe in sharing those stories and memories.  

3 tips to help you capture your story.

  1. I know, it sounds strange that the delete button is your friend when it comes to capturing memories but the reality is not all the photos we take are good. Some may be out of focus, have poor lighting or are doubles. Take 5 mins to delete on the spot. Don’t leave it “for later” because later doesn’t happen. Your digital storage will thank you for it.
  2. Print a selection of the best snaps and display them. You may choose to have a book made, attach them to a wall or display board. It doesn’t need to have the perfect designer finish. Just the ability to be seen, talked about and smiled over.
  3. Back-up. With so many photos being taken on multiple devices it can be easy to forget to backup. This is an extremely important step to safe guard your photos.

There are not just digital photos to consider. Many homes have negatives, printed photos and family heirloom photos that may have been handed down.

If you would like hands-on help to organise all your photos, Chantal Imbach from Simply In Order provides a Professional Photo Organiser service. Chantal takes the stress out of photo organising. She also has many tips on her blog for you to check-out.

The greatest benefit of having your photos organised is you will be able to browse, enjoy and easily find them. In addition, with a back-up routine established you will avoid losing your precious photographic treasures.

So, let’s view, print and share the stories and memories of the moments we have captured in our photos.

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