Spring has finally sprung here in Melbourne and the warmer weather has me reaching for my sunscreen. first of all it has to be found, somewhere among the bathroom cupboard bottles and tubs. Then questions are asked “how old is it”? and “is it safe to use”?

Sound familiar? Lets answer the questions first and tackle the bathroom cupboard second.

Sunscreen does come with a use by date. It is important not to use out-of-date sunscreen as the active ingredients degrade over time and lose their important protective effect. Sunscreen will deteriorate if left in the heat. This would include being left in the direct sun light, car boot or glove box.

Sunscreen tips:
  • If your sunscreen doesn’t have a use by date, use a permanent marker to write the date it was opened. Dispose of sunscreen 12 months old or more.
  • Store your sunscreen in a dark, cool place to protect the active ingredients.

Now you’ve found your sunscreen you may want to head out into the great outdoors and enjoy those rays. Go for it!
Slip, slop, slap and enjoy your time in the sun!

If the bathroom cupboard has annoyed you during the search you may decide to give it a quick declutter.

Bathroom cupboard tips:
  • Take out cupboard contents and dispose of any out-of-date items. To dispose of medication, take them to your local pharmacy.
  • Group like items together. I find using a tub is great for containing them. Especially those small items which live in the bathroom. Use containers or baskets you already have. It may be an ice cream container, something repurposed from the kitchen or even a small cardboard box. Whatever works for you and your space.
  • While you have the cupboard empty give it a quick wipe over. You may not be back here for awhile.
  • Put the containers back into the cupboard.

For me, organising is not about perfection. It’s about function, knowing where to find an item or put it away. If this sounds like something you would like to know more about, please contact me. I’m always happy to chat with you.

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