Staging your home for sale is an established technique with considerable advantages. It increases buyer interest and improves the sale outcome.

But..I have one question once the decision has been made to sell and stage a home. “How do I live, work and function in a home that is on the market and keep the staged look?”

Living in a home that is ready for sale can be daunting. Keeping your home tidy and all your belongings in their place, ready for inspections can be stressful.

Here are four ideas to use in your home to support you during this time. They will relieve stress and help make life simpler while your home is on show.

Declutter – Decluttering will be your number 1 goal. Having less items to manage during a sales period will work in your favour. Don’t forget the cupboards! Decluttered storage gives you the freedom to easily put away belongings.

Consider your daily routines – If you have a particular routine you will continue during the selling period, incorporate space to allow for easy use and putting away, e.g. if your toothbrush holder normally sits on a bathroom bench, make room for it in the vanity cupboard.

Dishwasher – Ensure all dirty dishes are placed in the dishwasher as they are used. This keeps your kitchen bench clear.

Tub – Leave space in a wardrobe or cupboard for a quick clean-up tub. This allows you to quickly collect items, when you are short of time, and have them contained in one place out of sight.

Being mindful of how you function in your home helps you to prepare for the sale and supports you during this time of transition. Who knows, your new system may even move with you.

Happy home staging and selling!

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