I often find disorganisation and clutter arises when the next step has not been completed. It could be the laundry hasn’t been put away, dishes are not washed or rubbish is not placed in the bin.

Why does this happen?

Common reasons why a task is not completed include:

  • You forgot, or became distracted.
  • Short on time, too busy. You have to rush off somewhere or start another task.
  • Someone else didn’t complete the task.

Being aware of your next step to complete a task and acting on it will help reduce clutter.

When folding the dry laundry, make putting it away all part of the same process. You may put it away in a wardrobe or someone’s room for them to put away.

After using crockery and cutlery, finish the process by putting them in the dishwasher or washing them up. Your next step might be to put the dishwasher on or leave the dishes to dry.

Putting rubbish straight into the bin will save you time later not having to pick it up. Have the bin handy to where you use it so the next step of dropping it into the bin will be easier for you to do.

Next steps will at some stage be interrupted by life. That’s ok. You just pick-up where you stopped, as soon as you can.

Completing next steps will allow you stay on top of your processes and tasks and leads to better organisation and less clutter.

Happy moving forward with your next steps!

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