A Hand to Help’s Professional Organiser Kate, writes about the pressure to have an Instagram pantry.

Have you noticed the latest Instagram trend of people’s immaculate pantries? You know the ones with the beautiful brand-new containers and the personalised vinyl labels.

I must admit I love them! But as a Professional Organiser I’ve felt pressure that my pantry must be identical to them. I’ve questioned myself, wondering if I should be leading by example? Filling in my lockdown hours aiming for pantry perfection?

But you know what? My pantry isn’t like the immaculate pantries on Instagram.

My pantry is designed to work for my space and my family. That is how it should be for all homes.

My pantry has some matching containers to hold my flours and they are even labelled. Labelled with my trusty old fashioned tape label maker. It’s organised and tidy.  

My pantry might not take a so called ‘insta worthy’ photo and that’s ok. But it will not let me down when I want to find something. I know exactly where everything is. It works!  

As a Professional Organiser I encourage you to do what works for your space and your household. Your pantry should be how you like it without any pressure. 

It’s ok to not keep up with every latest Instagram trend. Take the pressure off and admire the photos but keep scrolling.

Written by Kate, Professional Organiser at A Hand to Help

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