Many of you may have seen American Tiny Home programs broadcasted on TV. The Tiny Home movement exploded in the U.S due to the impact of the GFC (Global Financial Crisis).

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Indi Hangan from Tiny Homes Australia. Yes, tiny has come to Australia!  Australians have long had a passion for being on the road and holidaying in a caravan, but Tiny Homes Australia have taken that to the next level.

Their tiny homes are made to include all the creature comforts including a full kitchen with fridge and oven, an ensuite style bathroom, air conditioning, heating and TV. I was taken away by the beautiful bright space packed with all that is needed for essential living. This is no ordinary home on wheels. The quality craftsmanship and finishes are full of practicality, comforts and elegant simplicity. 


Tiny home

Tiny Homes Australia are happy to customise plans for a personal bespoke finish. “What do you want? How will I make that work?” are questions Indi Hangan embraces.




The flexibility for tiny is huge and living with less comes with great freedom, impacting our time, finances and head space.


tiny home

Indi Hangan inside one of his tiny homes


I felt Indi captured it well: “When living tiny, you are not loosing much in the way of kitchen and bathroom. You are just loosing the empty space you walk around in”





Living tiny will mean different things to each of us. I’ll be exploring this in future blogs.

I’m very interested in hearing your stories of living tiny. Is this something you have tried or maybe you would like to start a journey of living tinier. If this is something you would like to share, I would love to hear about your tiny living journey. Please contact me, I’m always happy to chat and listen.

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