Can you have too much craft? How do you accumulate too much craft?

Hello, I’m Veronica owner and professional organiser at A Hand to Help. As a crafter myself I get excited about the ideas, possibilities and starting a new project. I have also experienced the overwhelm of too much craft.

Too much craft will fill your spaces so it can’t be used as you would like. When our spaces are too full, we will feel overwhelmed. This overwhelm takes the joy out of your crafting. So, the activity that gave you joy, enabled you to be in a mindful state and excited your creative juices has now become a burden. Yes, you can have to much craft!

How do we accumulate to much craft? Understanding how we accumulate craft will help us stay on top of our crafting pile and projects.

There are two main reasons why we accumulate and have too much craft.

  • Excited purchasing

Excited purchasing starts with the idea.
We have an idea, and we head online or to the shops, to buy the tools for the project. At this stage, we often purchase more than we need. We purchase equipment and tools for the craft itself. Not just for the project.

  • Unfinished projects

Unfinished projects happen when the thrill of the idea has worn off. We move onto another exciting idea and action it while the idea is fresh in our mind without finishing the project we started. The previous project is put aside to come back to at a later time. We may want to finish it, but just not yet.

Unfinished projects will take up precious space in our home and may even burden us with feelings of guilt. Excited purchasing and unfinished projects will lead to accumulation and a full space.

Children love to craft and cleaning up after crafting can be a challenge. You will find tips here to help children pack up and stay organisied.

You may ask, “So, how do I make space for my craft?”
We are going to answer that question next blog.
Hang in there……it’s coming!

Happy crafting

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