I’m a simple creature. I often joke that I’m a two-step cook. If it has three steps, I won’t be making it; I’ll never produce a lemon meringue pie.

Being organised is all about having a way of doing something. As an Organiser, I call this a system. We see systems in nature all the time, Day and night, seasons, and cycle of life. Imagine if nature decided not to follow its system. There would be chaos. The same applies in our homes. If we don’t follow a system, there is eventually chaos.  

I believe a system is all about function, not looks. I know it’s shocking but your system doesn’t have to look internet worthy to work. In fact, it should be super easy to use. One handed and two steps only.

One handed and two steps

A one handed system works because we usually hold something to put away. Hold the item with one hand and open the cupboard door, drawer or container with the other.

With two steps, think open and drop. Open the drawer and put the socks in. Open the cupboard and put the plate away. Open the container and store the toy.

From my experience, add a third or fourth step and the system becomes too complicated and won’t last. A three step system will look like this: Move something in front of the cupboard, open the cupboard and put the item away. With the three and four step organising system a domino effect is created. And just like dominoes, it will eventually “fall apart”

So let’s keep our organising easy. We are much better off with our items put away, knowing exactly where to find them, than sitting out because our organising system is too complicated to use.

If you would like to talk more about simple, easy to use systems, contact me. I’d love to hear from you.

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