Let’s talk wedding dresses and what to do with my wedding dress after 15 years.

Hello, I’m Kate. A Professional Organiser at A Hand to Help.
When I got married I felt like a princess in that beautiful white dress. The gorgeous stitching, bead work and the big foofy skirt, it was my dream dress.

Fast forward 15 years and that beautiful wedding dress was still hanging in my cupboard taking up far too much space (thanks big foofy skirt). Over the years, I’d pondered what to do with my dress. I tried selling it with no outcome, so I ignored it in the cupboard successfully for 15 years until we had to move house again. It could not move with us one more time. 

I coincidentally stumbled across a beautiful organisation called the Treasured Babies Program. The Treasured Babies Program “aim to acknowledge and honour the life of newborn babies who have died, regardless of their gestational age and to support bereaved parents in a practical and tangible way.”

The Treasured Babies Program use wedding dress fabric to line their ‘Angel boxes’ and a hand knitted outfit is made for the baby.

This was where my dress was going to go.

When I took my dress into them at the Mooroolbark Terrace, I was greeted by a room full of volunteers. They spend their days knitting outfits for these little babies taken too soon. There was so much joy in that room, these ladies were smiling and chatting away and it was then I realised this really is so much more than a charity helping families when the unthinkable happens. It was community with heart and purpose. They were so genuinely grateful for the donation of my dress.

When working with a beautiful client of A Hand to Helps recently, we came across her wedding dress. After some nostalgic moments, I could see the indecision of what to do with her dress was troubling her. I mentioned my donation to the Treasured Babies Program. She instantly asked me to donate hers as well.

Letting go of my wedding dress to the Treasured Babies Program has been a beautiful process to be part of.

We would love to hear your stories of what you have done with a wedding dress.
Contact us and let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

Happy organising. Kate

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