I’m often asked “when is too much, too much for our home?” Every person has their limit of belongings. Some like less while others are very comfortable being surrounded by more. Because we are all different there is no one size fits all for quantity of belongings.

A Hand to Help’s long answer to this question is, belongings become a problem within a home when:

  • One person prefers less than another.
  • Items can’t be easily put away.
  • Items can’t be easily found and are being purchased again because they can’t be located.
  • Rooms are not being used for their designed function.
The short answer is, belongings become a problem when safety is a concern.

Safety concerns arise when:

  • Exits are blocked and can no longer be used.
  • Possessions are stored in piles high enough to present a falling hazard.
  • Narrow internal pathways prevent easy movement throughout the home.
  • Items have built up around electrical items, heaters, stoves and cooktops.

Safety is always A Hand to Help’s first priority. Easily finding and putting away items, not having to re-purchase because items can’t be found and improved room functionality are just some of the benefits achieved by A Hand to Help’s clients. But safety is always considered first. 

So, “when is too much, too much for our home?” When our home has become a hazard rather than a haven.

If you are concerned about belongings being a hazard in your home, (or in the home of someone dear to you) please contact me. I’m always happy to chat!

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