I’m often asked “How did you get into that?” or “Why Professional Organising?” So I thought I’d share with you my organising story.

I’m a recovering perfectionist. I use the word recovering because I’m not a perfectionist any more with the day to day stuff, but in times of stress I relapse back there before I pull myself up and stop.

Before A Hand to Help was born, I organised with my perfectionist hat on. The results were Pinterest worthy. But with 2 children and health to manage I couldn’t maintain the Pinterest finish. It was unrealistic.

So, I changed my expectations and the way I approached organised.

I needed systems to keep me organised in real life. This way of doing, became my focus. They didn’t shine and look good for Pinterest photos but they worked. They were easy and simple to use and my family were happy to continue to use them. We could easily find what we needed.

I started sharing my new philosophy with friends and A Hand to Help was born in September 2014.

I no longer get anxious about the right look or perfect result. What matters most to me is whether my solution suits my client’s needs.

Now for me, the most perfect aspect of organising is the smile I’m given from my clients when they say “I feel so much better”

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