Winter is the perfect time to clear the cupboards.

 It becomes colder and is a time of the year when we tend to hibernate. This hibernation period is the perfect time to look inwards and clean out a cupboard!

  • Cupboards are the perfect place to start when it comes to organising. Clearing clutter from the cupboard fees up space for items that don’t have a home.
  • Starting and finishing a small cupboard doesn’t take a large amount of time and gives you confidence to move on to larger organising tasks.
  • Large cupboards can be done one shelf at a time. By breaking large cupboards up, like wardrobes and pantries, into one shelf at a time a large job becomes much more manageable.

By organising a cupboard or two over winter, you will have a head start on the “spring cleaning” that seems to “press itself” upon us when the weather starts to warm up for spring.

Need a helping hand to organise a cupboard? I’d love to help. Contact me so we can chat and I can understand your need.

Happy cupboard organising!

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