At A Hand to Help we hear statements from our clients that might seem small or insignificant to the ears of the average organised person.
They are statements like:

“We can sit at the table to eat”.

“The children are playing on the floor”.

“A friend can come over!”.

“I can vacuum and mop the floor”.

Many everyday events like eating at the table, playing on the floor, having a friend or family member into the home, and vacuuming and mopping the floor we can take for granted and yet, they are not everyday events for everyone.

These “small” and expected activities can often lead to a significant outcome in the lives of our clients. The biggest result being improved self-esteem and confidence. With improved self-esteem and confidence comes more energy and the willingness to keep on trying when things get difficult.

Let me share with you a story of the Brooks*.

The Brooks are a family of 2 girls and 1 boy. Some children are neuro-diverse, and the parents struggle with health issues. The Brooks need help with the organisation of the children’s bedrooms. 

After a conversation with the children and parents, a plan is decided upon to suit the family. One child wants to work with us and is very hands on and involved in the decisions of the organising process and their room. Another child does not want anything to do with the process but gives us permission to work in the room and touch their belongings. The third child does not want to be involved in the process but wants particular ways to store items and to do tasks in their room. All the children agree to look at anything that is discarded and decide if it is to be kept or let go of.

This works well for the Brooks and in the end 3 bedrooms are organised. There are two “small” impacts upon the children which create a bigger impact upon the home.
One child was thrilled to draw pictures at the desk. Another was playing on the floor and the parents were excited to be able to easily vacuum the floor. 

A home does not need to be “perfect” before these “small’ activities can make a massive impact.

*** The story of the Brooks family is based on the experience of A Hand to Help Professional Organisers and their clients.

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