Memories are powerful and precious.
Many of the items we keep evoke memories of events, people or special times. These items may consist of photos, mementoes, books, jewellery, furniture and clothing.

Treasured clothing that is special may include baby and children’s clothing, wedding or special occasion garments or even items kept from a loved one who has since passed away. A practical way to organise clothing is to have it made into a memory quilt. Having a quilt made from your precious clothing is a great way to bring those memories out of storage, cupboards or sheds and give them a place of honour in your home.

Memory quilts are tactile and allow for the stories to be told and passed-on. Are you thinking of wrapping yourself up with precious memories or displaying those memories in your own memory quilt? I would love to help. Drop over to Memory Quilts on A Hand to Helps website or contact me so we can discuss how to bring your memory quilt to life.


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