Packing for a holiday doesn’t have to be a trial. Think of it as the necessary preparation for your time away.
Hello, I’m Kate and I love a good holiday! Whether it be a trip in the caravan, a road trip interstate visiting family or friends or a bigger trip on an aeroplane (hopefully somewhere warm) I love them all.

With the anticipation comes packing for a holiday. It can be stressful having to remember so many things; hopefully I remember that sunscreen or the children’s Panadol, or undies (yep, I forgot a child’s undies once).

After many years of packing for family holidays, I have 2 tips to help you pack for your next adventure.

Tip 1:
Write a list

Some of you will know me as the list queen. I do love a list! Writing a list takes all the remembering out of packing. And having everything packed allows me to relax on holiday because I’m not having to purchase required items we forgot to bring.
Writing a list is perfect for all those things that aren’t clothing related and need to be taken. A list is truly the only way I can remember everything. You can read “how to write a list” here
A separate list for those last-minute things that can’t be packed straight away reduces the stress of getting out the door.

Tip 2:
Pack entire outfits

In my household I am the main person packing for a holiday. With our family I have devised this system over the years.

I pack entire outfits for each person. This would include pants/shorts, top and jumper. Then I roll it up into a little bundle ready to put into the suitcase. I can easily see the number of daily outfits I have for each person. It’s another tip that allows me to relax on holiday. I have found this system to be so helpful as everyone knows to just grab a bundle each morning. Each person also has a bag for socks, undies and singlets which goes inside the suitcase.

Packing entire outfits works a treat for school camp too. Recently my eldest child went on a school camp for 5 days and this system was fantastic for them. Each day the decision of what to wear was simply choosing which bundle to pull out today.

Writing a list and packing entire outfits are my two tips for packing for a holiday. This allows me to take the stress out of preholiday preparations. And I enjoy the time away because I’ve bought what we need.

Happy packing everyone and enjoy your holiday!

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