“How to write a To Do list?” you ask. Should be easy right? Isn’t it just a list of all the things you need / want to do. No.

A list of all the things you want to do is called a wish list. A wish list can have a few tasks on it or it can fill a book. Wish lists are important. They get our ideas out of our heads and onto paper. You may put wish list actions onto your to do list; but a wish list is not your to do list! A wish list used as a to do list will be forever overwhelming because you won’t be able to complete it.

A To Do list is a list of jobs / actions you need to do in a short amount of time. This may be for just the next few hours or for the day. It’s a list to keep us on track to complete the important tasks for the day.

Three things to do when writing a to do list

  • Have no more than three actions on your daily list.

I know, three actions don’t seem a lot. It is about making your list manageable to do. The whole purpose of a To Do list is to action things that need to be done. And have a realistic chance of being done. If we have more than 3 things to complete, they are more likely not to be actioned.

  • Break large tasks into small actions.

Take a few moments planning how to split up a larger task into smaller tasks. Then put these smaller actions onto your list. By putting the small actions onto your To Do list you are making your large task manageable and achievable over time.

  • Put something fun on your To Do list.
    Mixing your list up with necessary and fun tasks helps with motivation. You can start with the fun activity, use it in the middle to break the tasks or enjoy it at the end when your tasks are finished.

On difficult days, make the 1st action on your To Do list “write a To Do list”
This is for motivation. When the list is complete you’ve already crossed off an action. You’re on a roll!

If you’re struggling to start a To Do list, follow the 3 tips from our blog “When you don’t feel like it”

A To Do list is a powerful tool. Keep your list small and manageable and you’ll be enjoying the power of marking off each action as it is done!

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