#banthebag has come to our attention recently through the ABC program War on Waste. As a Professional Organiser, I come across many different types of bags: eco shopping bags, plastic shopping bags in many different sizes, paper bags, gift bags and fancy upmarket shopping bags. Who can’t resist keeping a beautiful shopping bag? We like to keep them because they will come in handy, right?

Here are my 4 tips to manage shopping bags in your home.

  • Take your shopping items out of the bag as soon as you get home.
    If bags are dropped at or near the entrance of the home and not dealt with, the bag will be put somewhere later and your contents will be lost.
  • Don’t use bags you can’t see through for storage.
    I understand a bag keeps items together, but if you can’t see what you have in the bag, you won’t use it.
  • Have a set amount of space to keep your bags in.
    This is a win, win situation. It allows you to repurpose your bags but stops them from spilling over, creating a bag avalanche.
  • Recycle your bags. If you find you have too many, it’s time to recycle your bags.
    Supermarkets offer bag recycling which keeps the plastic out of landfill. Paper bags can be recycled in the domestic recycling bin. Good quality paper bags could be reused at your local Op shop.

By implementing one or more of these tips you will have a simple system to follow and won’t be overwhelmed with bags.

If you find you have a bag avalanche and need an extra pair of hands to rein it in, contact me. I’m always happy to chat.

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