I was recently reading an article about Marie Kondo and clutter.
Two things struck me about this article in the Australian newspaper:

  1. The notion that clutter is a “Bad” thing.
  2. Marie’s change of view on how decluttering is done was presented negatively.

Let’s explore these two points.

  1. Clutter is a “Bad” thing.

Clutter is a problem when you can’t easily find or easily put away belongings.  When we can’t easily find or easily put away belongings it is costs us in energy, time, space and money. We end up purchasing more because we can’t find what we have and this in turn, adds to our clutter.

Clutter is also a problem when areas of the home can’t be used as they are intended. Or when a space or a home becomes unsafe. This affects wellbeing and mental and physical heath.
Each person will have a different comfort scale when it comes to clutter and that’s ok. You can read more about this in our article “When is too much, too much for our home”.

2. Marie’s change of view on how decluttering is done was presented negatively.

Organising is not one size fits all. And during the different stages of our lives, your organising will look different. This is normal and should be expected!

Organising is not black or white. It is not about achieving minimalistic or maximalist outcomes. Your organising should be unique to you, and it will change over time, as your circumstances and needs change.

Marie Kondo and clutter may be shocking to some. But this should not be shocking but rather something to get excited about.  I admire how Marie is being flexible and changing her situation as her needs have changed. This is something to be celebrated.

So, in summary, make your organising efforts your own. Change how you organise as you need to. And reach out for help to family, friends or a professional when it’s required.

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