Let me tell you the story of Danny.

I was asked to help Danny and Julie with their belongings because their home was no longer safe for Julie. Julie used a mobility aid at home and needed clear pathways to safely move about the home.

Danny couldn’t see what needed to be changed and was resistant to having help. He suffered from poor health and most daily tasks were difficult to do. This was just another thing to add to his list. But once Danny understood the safety concern, he reluctantly worked with me.

We worked on putting super simple systems (a way of doing something) in place for him so everyday tasks could be easier to do and he wouldn’t need to leave items on the floor. Having simple systems allows Danny to complete a task. I call this finishing the loop; the routine of putting items away and it’s the key to staying organized. Once a system has been put in place, help for “finishing the loop” can come from family, friends, cleaners, support worker or other professionals.

Our weekly sessions progressed to fortnightly, monthly and are now every 3 months. The longer gaps give Danny independence but having someone come in every few months helps Danny with finishing any loops that have been overlooked. These “finish the loop” sessions, slow down the accumulation of piles because items not dealt with can now be actioned with help.

Being organised is difficult for many people for many reasons, upbringing, general and mental health, diagnoses, the family dynamics within the home and life changing events. Building the skill of finishing the loop is key to being and staying organised.

Find out how I can help you finish your loop. Contact me. I look forward to chatting.

For an example of finishing the loop, click here for Two Step Organising.

**please note, while my success stories are based on real clients, all identifying names and details have been changed in the interests of respecting their privacy.

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