With the arrival of spring, this may percolate thoughts of spring cleaning and tiding up. But a tidy home doesn’t mean an organised home.

Can items be easily found when needed? Have the cupboards been used to keep things out of sight?

As a Professional Organiser, my philosophy is about being able to find what we need when we want it. What isn’t important is a tidy magazine interior look.

An organised home is a home designed for living. Toys may be across the floor, shoes left at the door and dishes waiting to be washed. This is life. But when it is time to “tidy up” it should be easy. As easy as Two Step Organising. Everything has its home and the putting away doesn’t take long to do.  In an organised home, items don’t have to move around like a chess game to bring the space back into equilibrium.

So, can we be organised and untidy? Absolutely! Fun in life usually happens in the mess. What we need is to enjoy the fun and mess, but be able to put everything back in a functional way.

We will travel smoother with less angst, if our spaces are organised. This way, we can find what we want when we want it.

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