Can organising have unexpected organising tools? Yes! We want to share these unexpected tools because they are foundational in helping you be and stay organised.

When you think organising a picture of tubs, a trip shopping for something pretty or labels might come to mind. But it is these 3 unexpected organising tools that will make your organising vision spring to life.

Here are our top 3 unexpected organising tools.

  • Time

Time? Really? You may be asking yourself. We say “Yes!”
Time is our top unexpected organising tool. It is our first tool because it is the biggest hurdle we navigate when starting to organise. You can read more about time here.
Organising takes time and we first must slow down and make time in the diary to organise and stay organised.
It is our first hurdle and a powerful organising tool.

  • A Plan

A plan is so important. It sets out what you want to achieve. A plan helps you be realistic with what you want and what can be achieved.

A plan may involve allocating a budget for the organising outcome, setting realistic expectations of the work involved and outcome and asking for help or putting time in your diary to achieve the outcome you desire.

  • Measuring tape

A measuring tape is our third unexpected organising tool. Buying storage or organising products without knowing the measurements of where they are going to be used in your home creates extra work and extra unplanned expense.

Extra work is created because you may purchase something that does not fit so you take time to return it. Or you decide to keep the item and rearrange another area you were not planning to organise to fit it in. 

If you purchase an organising product that is not fit for purpose and keep it, but don’t use it to its full capacity, or use it at all, you have spent money where you didn’t need to. 

When these 3 simple and important, unexpected organising tools are put to work they will save you stress, time and money. So, go forth and use the powerful organising tools of time, a plan and a measuring tape.

Happy organising!

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