With another year of master pieces to create and come into your home, we would like to share with you 5 ways to use children’s artwork.

Having a child’s artwork on the wall is a beautiful personal touch to a home. It’s so encouraging for the child and builds self-esteem. But it’s good for children to understand not every masterpiece can be kept and there are boundaries around the space and quantities of artwork.

The easiest and most cost effect way to display artwork is Bluetack it to the wall. Have a designated wall space for artwork. Depending on how many children are in the home, each child may have 1 to 3 pieces on display. When a new piece comes in, 1 is taken off the wall and relaced. This is a continuous cycle.

A Hand to Help always encourages shopping at home first before heading to the shops. Using what you have at home, is an economical way to display the artists master pieces. Attach string, the length you desire, to your wall using hooks. Attach artwork to the string with pegs. This has a delightful bunting feel about it.
If it’s hung at the child’s height, they can replace and rotate their artwork as it comes into the home.

Picture frame.
A standard A3 picture frame with a black or white background will allow for different size art to be showcased. Glass can be left in or take out. Having the glass out allows for thicker pieces of art. As one picture goes into the frame, one picture goes out.
This takes more time than blutack or peg and string. It’s an action mainly for the adults in the home. The downside to this display option is artwork can be left to action later and a pile will accumulate, leading to clutter. After shopping at home, if you didn’t find a picture frame you could reuse, there are several children’s art picture frames on the market. Magnetic Frames. Art frames.

So, we have discussed 3 ideas to display children’s artwork.

Gift wrapping.
Artwork makes fabulous gift wrapping and saves money and time going to the shops to purchase wrapping. Pieces can be taped together to make bigger wrapping paper.
This wrapping is not about perfection. It’s about sharing love, joy and celebrating creativity.

Gift cards and tags.
This is a great way to use smaller pieces of artwork. Simply fold and write your message. Larger artwork can also be used by cutting down to the size you require. Or they can be cut into fun shapes for a gift tag.
Remember it’s not about gift perfection but sharing the joy of giving a gift with a personal touch.

So, lets enjoy another year of creative master pieces coming into our home without the worry of clutter. Enjoy the display, give away as wrapping and cards, photograph for long term memories, keep in memory boxes the master pieces that touch your heart and recycle the rest. You’ll be able to enjoy your children’s creativity and teach them how to manage their masterpieces when they come home.


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